Is it a memoir? A critical autoethnography? A manuscript? A collection of essays? Whatever it is now, DiaspoRican: Identity, Belonging, and Performance Beyond Binaries was taking shape before the pandemic. What follows are a few conference presentations, seedlings of the ideas I will explore in DiaspoRican—whatever shape it ends up taking. My thinking has shifted quite a bit since I wrote these, particularly around whiteness, but I offer these essays here as a way to dive back into revisions.

Conference Presentations

2019: Bisexual Boricua: A Performative Testimonia on the Limitations of Feeling (Brown and Queer) and of Feeling Limitations

2019: Bring Your Pots and Pans: The Calderó as an Instrument of Boricua Resistance Across the Diaspora

2017: The Pedagogical Politics of Latina Feminist Overperformance within the Academy

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