Street Art for Trayvon Martin

    I realize there is probably a lot more tributes to Trayvon Martin out there...but a quick Google image search led me to these. If you are doing a piece, have done a piece, or considering it: please send it to me and I will post it here. I hope to keep adding to … Continue reading Street Art for Trayvon Martin

Graff Grrlz at Art Basel 2012

I'm not in Miami quite yet, but wanted to let you know that these ladies are hard at work painting/showing at Art Basel Miami this year so you can peep them. Here are some flyers/images (I'm sure there are more I'm missing!): ClawMoney: Few and Far Ladies: Faith47 NE 28st, Miami: Queen Andrea and Alice Mizrachi: … Continue reading Graff Grrlz at Art Basel 2012