On tenure and #AcademiaSoWhite

I was asked to contribute to this article on tenure and Black Indigenous People of Color in academia: https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/Why-tenured-faculty-at-New-York-colleges-are-16255120.php. Here are some highlights: "By the time you get to tenure, you may not want to be there anymore because of what the process has taken from you," Pabón-Colón said. "As the numbers reflect, most of … Continue reading On tenure and #AcademiaSoWhite

Dr. Pabón-Colón on #GirlDad and #BoyMom

I contributed to this Refinery29 piece on parents using the #GirlMom and #BoyDad hashtags: https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2021/07/10600197/boy-mom-girl-dad-hashtags I am not arguing that there are not differences between body parts, but having a vulva does not explain a child’s desire to have a tea party with their dad any more than having a penis explains a child’s desire … Continue reading Dr. Pabón-Colón on #GirlDad and #BoyMom

On white people upholding a culture of white supremacy at SUNY New Paltz…

“We are made constantly and painfully aware of how little effort white women have made to understand and combat their racism, which requires among other things that they have a more than superficial comprehension of race, color, and Black history and culture. Eliminating racism in the white women’s movement is by definition work for white … Continue reading On white people upholding a culture of white supremacy at SUNY New Paltz…

Keep Public Art Public!

I wrote my first letter to the editor! Dear Editor: Kingston Mayor Steve Noble’s “Art in Public” policy proposal claims to encourage artists to “create artwork that engages with the public,” but the regulatory policy discourages community engagement and censors public art through unnecessary bureaucracies. Last October, I facilitated the “Art in Public” panel at the O+ … Continue reading Keep Public Art Public!

10 Feminist Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

1. If you can afford to buy your own facial/massage: consider donating it to a single mom who can’t or an underpaid/overworked teacher who care gives for other people’s children. #MothersDay 2. Bail out a mother/caregiver so she/they can be with her children. @NationalBailOut #FreeBlackMamas: https://nationalbailout.org/ #MothersDay 3. Donate to Nikki Addimando’s defense fund; She’s … Continue reading 10 Feminist Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Black and Highly Dangerous Podcast

Now this was a fun and engaging interview! Please check out: Episode 68: Graffiti Grrlz w/ Dr. Jessica Pabón-Colón https://soundcloud.com/user-365850231/episode-68-graffiti-grrlz-w-dr-jessica-pabon-colon For today’s episode, we focus on a unique exploration of a population that typically goes unnoticed - women in graffiti. Specifically, we interview Dr. Jessica Pabón-Colón, an a Assistant Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality … Continue reading Black and Highly Dangerous Podcast