Video Mania!!

Here are just a few of the videos in my bookmarks:

Mugre & Cerok “Lucha libre”

Anarkia Boladona “Piece of Mind”


Boosted Films Claw Money

Claw and Miss17 Interview


Few & Far X Ironlak Road Trip Tour 2012

Few and Far Miami Art Basel Behind the Scenes with AGANA

Girl Power movie Trailer

Indie x Karmaloop TV

Injah Painting

Janinné Nuz

Lineas // ZuriK Graffiti

Maripussy Crew 5PTZ 5.28.2011

Miss Van Sao Paulo 2013 VNA

Miss17 Graffiti

MRS Graffaholiks

Nish Cash





Turronas Crew

Xalapa Sede del FEMINEM


Updated Resource List…

A few months back I wanted to compile one list of links to resources on female graffiti artists (and street artists)…here is the updated version. I KNOW I am missing some and hoping you guys will add to it!

Blogs and Websites:

149th street:

Anarkia Boladona:

Art Crimes: Graffiti News and Events:


Diana Contreras:





Few and Far:

Girls on Top Crew Facebook:

Girls on Top Crew:



LA Graffiti Girls Blogumentary:

Lady Pink:



Mademoiselle Kat:




Queen Andrea:



Stick Up Girlz:

Toofly NYC:


Women in Graffiti: A Tribute to the Women of Egypt:


Catfight Magazine (Online Zine):
Chicks on Powertrips Magazine:

Photo Sharing Sites:


Ms. Shiva:

TPM Crew:

Turronas Crew Flickr:


Anarkia Boladona “Piece of Mind”:


Boosted Films Claw Money:

Claw and Miss17 Interview:


Few & Far X Ironlak Road Trip Tour 2012:

Few and Far Miami Art Basel Behind the Scenes with AGANA:

Girl Power movie Trailer:

Indie x Karmaloop TV:

Injah Painting:

Janinné Nuz:

Lady Pink:

Lineas // ZuriK Graffiti:

Maripussy Crew 5PTZ 5.28.2011:

Miss Van Sao Paulo 2013 VNA:

Miss17 Graffiti:

MRS Graffaholiks TV:

Nish Cash:





Turronas Crew:

Xalapa Sede del FEMINEM:

Special Issue on Graffiti Goes Live!

I’m happy to announce that my article “Shifting Aesthetics: The Stick Up Girlz Perform Crew in a Virtual World” is now live!!! You can access it, and many more wonderful contributions to a special issue on Graffiti in Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge (an independent peer-reviewed online journal). Here is the TOC:


Edited by John Lennon and Matthew Burns

» Introduction: Academics Don’t Write: A Few Brief Scribblings and Some Questions
Joe Austin


» The Underbelly Project: Hiding in the Light, Painting in the Dark
Jeff Ferrell

» Expanding Lines: Negotiating Space, Body, and Language Limits in Train Graffiti
Elisa Bordin

» “Graffiti as Fearful Commodity”: Princess Hijab, the Muslim Woman, and Anti-Consumerism
Mariam Esseghaier

» Graffiti as Spatializing Practice and Performance
Tracy Bowen

» Radiant Children: The Construction of Graffiti Art in New York City
Natalie Hegert

» London Riots, Living Walls: Questions of Resistance in Late Capitalism
» Supplementary Photo EssayAesthetics of Capture
Liz Kinnamon

» Shifting Aesthetics: The Stick Up Girls Perform Crew in a Virtual World
Jessica N. Pabón

» The Politics of Writing on Walls
Gabriel Soldatenko


» An Interview with the Freedom Painters
John Lennon

» Interview with Julie Breton
John Lennon

» Interview with Mahmoud Graffiti, a graffiti writer in Alexandria, Egypt
John Lennon

» Compiled Interviews
Matthew Burns

I hope you enjoy it!

Chillin’ with Few and Far in Miami

OH, Art Basel. What do you do when you have too much to see and not enough time? Prioritize! My goal for Basel was to meet the ladies of Few and Far in person, finally. For the 2nd year in a row, these grrls were once again rep’n the only all-grrl wall at Basel (unless I missed something). I talked to HOPS, MERLOT, 179, and BETH, but I mostly spent time talking with MEME (F&F founder) as she finished up her piece—part of a gorgeous rainbow-themed 13 person production in the backyard wall at Brisky Gallery.

While I was there, they received their first piece of fan mail!! Dope! An aspiring female writer had a goodie package—complete with candy and stickers—delivered right to the gallery! It also included a note thanking them for being a badass group of women, models for female writers everywhere. ❤

Do yourself a favor: follow their work, support their movement.

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Blog love, repost

The ladies runnin’ ish over at COP Magazine posted some love and some kind words about me and my project.

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 9.40.20 AMCheck it out here:

and then buy everything you can from them: they got “issues”!!!!


Graff Grrlz at Art Basel 2012

I’m not in Miami quite yet, but wanted to let you know that these ladies are hard at work painting/showing at Art Basel Miami this year so you can peep them. Here are some flyers/images (I’m sure there are more I’m missing!):


Few and Far Ladies:Image

Faith47 NE 28st, Miami:Image

Queen Andrea and Alice Mizrachi:Image

Indie:50shades of artDiana Contreras:

multiversal-882x600Shiro for the Art of Basketball (Heat Wave)  2048 NW Miami Court
shiro art basel


TEDxWomen Recap!!!


Wow. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so inspired, so supported, and so fancy! 😉 I just got home from the most incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience at TEDxWomen in DC. Basically, I got to spend 3 days making personal connections with radical feminists the likes of spoken word artist Asali DeVan Ecclesiastes, Lynne Hurdle-Price of Nomada What Productions Inc., Courtney Martin and Vanessa Valenti of Feministing, Emily May of Hollaback!, Gaby Pacheco of the Trail of DREAMs, Angela Patton of Camp Diva, and Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency. I was so invigorated by all of the wonderful work these women are doing and immensely honored and privileged to be amongst them. Be sure to check out their talks and to support their various projects!


After my talk, the super-talented Eve Ensler congratulated me and said that she loved my presentation…it doesn’t get much better than that! Speaking of, I learned about her new project: One Billion Rising. You should check it out!

You can watch the unedited version of my talk here! After my talk, people thanked me for opening their eyes or expanding their minds in regards to graffiti, and expressed their love for the art they saw in my presentation. Ladies! you knocked their socks off! I hope you enjoy watching it, as much as I enjoyed presenting it!

The Paley Center posted their photos on a Flickr photo stream!

I just want to thank all of the women in my study one more time because without them I wouldn’t be where I am. xoxo

One more thing, I have a new Facebook page, please like it!

Crowd Sourcing…What’s your favorite online spot for female graffiti writers?

So part of my project is to collect all the different websites, blogs, and photo sharing sites by female graffiti writers about female graffiti writers (the “about” part is the most important). GraffGirlz (RIP) used to be such a place…a website dedicated to female writers…but it’s gone. So now we are all spending time searching when we could just hit one link and find everything we need. I started a list a while ago and keeping up with it is a full time job…so I fired myself.

I have a challenge for you! How about some interactive blogging?

Add your favorite links to the list! 🙂 Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of this in one place? To have the ultimate bibliography in one place?! I think so…So you post your favorite links in the comments and I will add them to the master list. DEAL?

Catfight Mag (down but up…):
Chicks on Powertrips Magazine:
LA Graffiti Girls:

Individuals (this list is OBVIOUSLY lacking):
Queen Andrea:
Anarkia Boladona:
Diana Contreras:

TPM Crew:
Stick Up Girlz:
Girls on Top Crew:
Girls on Top Crew Facebook:
Turronas Crew:
Few and Far:
Hanky Panky Girls:

CatFight and Graffgirlz:

149th street: