On queer feminist parenting, latinidad, cissexism, abuelas, and heartbreak

When I was about four years old, my mother and I relocated to North Tonawanda, NY from Boston, MA. From the age of about 5, I spent my summers living in Roslindale with my maternal abuela (wela) so that I could spend time with my father (and his "extended" family) and my mother's "extended" family. … Continue reading On queer feminist parenting, latinidad, cissexism, abuelas, and heartbreak

Ideas on Fire Podcast Interview

My interview with Ideas on Fire is live! The episode is available in Apple Podcasts (iOS), Google Podcasts (Android), Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and all the other podcast players. We chatted about my book Graffiti Grrlz: Performing Feminism in the Hip Hop Diaspora (02:13)The future of feminist graffiti art (05:10)The intersection of art, academia, and activism in Jessica’s work (10:14)Curation … Continue reading Ideas on Fire Podcast Interview

Latina Outsiders—sneak peek!

I am *so* hyped for this book (and to be part of it)! Sneak peak of the cover. It comes out in June. Table of ContentsIntroduction, Grisel Y. Acosta I. Ideology and Class 1. "Punks and Hipsters: Latina Outsiders Remaking Latina Identity," Grisel Y. Acosta 2. "The child is bewitched": Syncretism and Self-Making in Cristina … Continue reading Latina Outsiders—sneak peek!

#GraffitiGrrlz Book Review!

Throughout the book they challenge graffiti being Hip Hop and fail to call themselves feminists. However this disjunct leads Pabón-Colón to much more nuanced understandings. So, for instance, towards the end of the book she discusses why the South American ‘graffiteras’ reject the feminist label. This could have haughtily been put down to their own … Continue reading #GraffitiGrrlz Book Review!

Go Back to Puerto Rico?!

(Originally a Tweet thread. Posted here because not everyone is on Twitter): The #GoBacktoPuertoRico comment, response, and reporting has my blood boiling and heart hurting. A thread on the comments and why this moment is important for #Latinx solidarity across geographical/racial/ethnic difference. I am raging at @RepJasonSmith specifically, and the #GOP generally (perpetually) b/c of … Continue reading Go Back to Puerto Rico?!