A 5-minute rant on anger and feminism!

Hi friends.

I clipped 5 minutes of a 50-minute lecture from winter 2020 on affect (focusing on anger) because I WANT US TO EMBRACE OUR ANGER. In the clips, I ask: who gets to be angry? who is expected to be civil? who has the privilege of being considered “civil” when they are actually being angry and violent?

Don’t let them con you with civility.

“Feminism often begins with intensity: you are aroused by what you come up against. You register something in the sharpness of an impression. Something can be sharp without it being clear what the point is . . . Things don’t seem right. (Ahmed, Living a Feminist Life, 22)
“a gut feeling has its own intelligence. A feminist gut might sense something is amiss. You have to get closer to the feeling” (Ahmed, Living a Feminist Life, 27).

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