10 Feminist Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

1. If you can afford to buy your own facial/massage: consider donating it to a single mom who can’t or an underpaid/overworked teacher who care gives for other people’s children. #MothersDay

2. Bail out a mother/caregiver so she/they can be with her children. @NationalBailOut #FreeBlackMamas: https://nationalbailout.org/ #MothersDay

3. Donate to Nikki Addimando’s defense fund; She’s a mother of two facing life in prison for surviving an abusive husband: http://fnd.us/WeStandWithNikki?ref=sh_9Dl7wOM1DE29Dl7wOM1DE2 #MothersDay

4. Volunteer time, donate, or get involved with an organization that helps people realize their reproductive choice to mother or NOT: @SisterSong_WOC @ReproRights #MothersDay

5. Consider the ways you are mothered by “non-mothers” and THANK THEM. #MothersDay

6. Read about #RevolutionaryMothering : @alexispauline @guerrillamama_ https://www.akpress.org/revolutionary-mothering.html #MothersDay

7. Support moms of trans kids doing the damn thing: https://standwithtrans.org/ally-parents/ #MothersDay

8. Honor or memorialize a mom you love with a gift that supports @MomsRising Together — the movement that stands up every day for women, moms and families: https://action.momsrising.org/donate/dedicate/?source=modal #MothersDay

9. Join GLAAD in encouraging journalists to include LGBT families in their coverage of #MothersDay: https://www.glaad.org/publications/mothersdaykit #MothersDay

10. Volunteer with your local #Pride2019 organizers to give #FreeMomHugs to LGBTQ+ folks at festivals and parades. #MothersDay

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