#GraffitiGrrlz Book Review!

Throughout the book they challenge graffiti being Hip Hop and fail to call themselves feminists. However this disjunct leads Pabón-Colón to much more nuanced understandings. So, for instance, towards the end of the book she discusses why the South American ‘graffiteras’ reject the feminist label. This could have haughtily been put down to their own ignorance but instead Pabón-Colón concludes that this is a failure of Western feminists to “make room for truly alternative performances of feminism, despite years of scholarship and activism demanding that very thing.

T_C, 2019

I just finished reading the latest book review of Graffiti Grrlz—”Framing a Counter-Narrative”—and it’s so wonderful to be seen and understood!

Thank you to T_C over at Graffiti Review!

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