Solidarity Does Not Require Sameness #WomensMarch

I planned on marching with my local #WomensMarch2019, but my knee had different ideas about how I’d spend the day. So here I am: blogging.

My friends keep texting me and folks keep asking me what I think about the current controversy with the Women’s Marches. (If you want a take I co-sign 150% read Alicia Garza’s piece here). Here is what I think in a nutshell: there has always been and will always be controversy and conflict in coalition.

I’ve learned that controversy, conflict, and failure should be valued, remembered, and treated as lessons in what *not* to do next time. I learned this firsthand in my own organizing work, but also by studying women of color feminisms.

For the march today, I was going to make a sign focusing on coalition and difference, but since I can’t walk today I made these instead. The images below are a small grouping of quotes old and new that inspire me and that I hope inspire you.

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