Street Art & Graffiti Handbook has Dropped! 

Folks! I’m so happy to announce that “The Routledge Handbook of Graffiti and Street Art” is now available!

The handbook, edited by Jeffrey Ian Ross, is over 500 pages of insight by powerhouse thinkers including Jeff FerellJohn F. Lennon, Susan A. PhillipsNancy Macdonald, Gregory J. Snyder, Joe A. Austin…and yours truly has a chapter:

“Ways of Being Seen” discusses the various ways that women navigate gender difference and visibility in street art and graffiti!

Tell your local librarians to add it to their collection!

One thought on “Street Art & Graffiti Handbook has Dropped! 

  1. Hiiya Jess,

    I’m writing my MA dissertation on women in graff and street art, concerning identity formation in the space and gender barriers in the culture. Your work has been my shining light, and the chapter in the Handbook is so insightful. Hoping I could grab some advice and guidance from you!! Would be amazing to chat.

    -Sam 🙂

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