Chillin’ with Few and Far in Miami

OH, Art Basel. What do you do when you have too much to see and not enough time? Prioritize! My goal for Basel was to meet the ladies of Few and Far in person, finally. For the 2nd year in a row, these grrls were once again rep’n the only all-grrl wall at Basel (unless I missed something). I talked to HOPS, MERLOT, 179, and BETH, but I mostly spent time talking with MEME (F&F founder) as she finished up her piece—part of a gorgeous rainbow-themed 13 person production in the backyard wall at Brisky Gallery.

While I was there, they received their first piece of fan mail!! Dope! An aspiring female writer had a goodie package—complete with candy and stickers—delivered right to the gallery! It also included a note thanking them for being a badass group of women, models for female writers everywhere. ❤

Do yourself a favor: follow their work, support their movement.

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